Juicing help you get the best out of fresh fruits and vegetables as regards to nutrients, without necessarily having to consume a lot of foods. You will even become creative while juicing because there is no particular method that you have to conform to.

You can prepare the following juice recipe for your body detox:

1. Green Morning Pick-Me-Upgood-morning

For two servings, fill your juice maker with:

  • Half (½) ripe pear
  • Half (½) apple
  • Kale or spinach (1 bunch)
  • One small cucumber

2. Citrus Coolercitrus-lemon

This contains pineapple, giving it a refreshing, pleasant flavor.

For one serving;

  • One (1) orange
  • Half (½) grapefruit
  • 1 sliced fresh pineapple

3. Green Vegetable Juicegreen-vegetable-juice

The following are needed for 1 serving;

  • One (1) small cucumber
  • One (1) small bunch spinach
  • One (1)stalk celery
  • One (1) small apple or pear

4. Red Vegetable Juicetomatoes

Required recipes include;

  • One (1) medium tomato
  • 3-4 leaves of green cabbage
  • One (1) stalk celery
  • One (1) garlic clove
  • One (1) slice of onion, about ¼ inch thick
  • One (1) small handful of fresh parsley

Add sea salt or cayenne pepper to taste after juicing. A substantial squeeze of lemon juice will make it taste great.

5. Melon Juicecantaloupe

For one serving, put the following into your juice maker:

  • One (1) slice of ripe cantaloupe
  • One (1) slice of ripe honeydew melon
  • One (1) slice of watermelon
  • Add lemon juice if so desired.

Any excess juice can be preserved by freezing in ice cube trays, thereafter, you can mix in your blender to constitute a refreshing, slushy smoothie. Alternatively, you can decide to freeze leftovers into Popsicle molds.