You may not be new to cleansing diets or fasts. However, if you intend keeping your body system clean, your daily food intake is critical. If your body physiological state is important to you, the following nutritional tips will certainly help you maintain proper body functioning.

1. Eat Organic, Whole Foodsnutrition

As simple as this is, it is highly significant. Foods regarded as whole are those foods that have been subjected to the simplest form of processing, but should not necessarily be consumed as raw.

Whole foods include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, meat from animals raised on grass and free range that has not been processed into preserved meat products and natural sweeteners.

The body system will never be clean if what you persistently load into the body are toxic foods. Even though this does not mean that you shouldn’t eat, your diet should contain a minimum of 80 percent organic, whole food. When you take such diet, your body will naturally neutralize toxins.

2. Replace “White Food” with “Brown Food.”grains

Here is another simple rule of thumb for best nutrition. Substitute every processed or “white” foods with whole or “brown” foods. This does not mean that color matters, it is the level of processing the foods have been subjected to.

For example:

  • Take Whole wheat flour in place of White flour
  • Eat raw, blackstrap molasses, unfiltered honey, or Sucanat (natural sugarcane) in place of white sugar
  • Consume brown rice in place of White Rice
  • Eat whole grain pasta in place of Pasta made from refined flour

3. Use Probioticsclean

These friendly bacteria genera are responsible for the body’s action of keeping itself cleansed as well as keeping the gut micro flora stable. They can be found in miso (fermented soybean paste), yogurt, and supplements.


4. Eat Nutrient-Dense Foodsmacadamia-nuts

The body derives a significant amount of nutrient from this food based on their caloric worth. Besides, they are entirely different from empty calorie which includes foods such as pop, fried potato chips, or candy. Such foods have sufficient calorie, yet they lack nutrients.

It is never the truth that all nutrient-dense foods have low-calorie. Foods like nuts and avocados are examples of high-calorie, nutrient-rich foods.

5. Eat Fiber-Rich Foodspopcorn

Diets which are rich in fiber are needed in maintaining a clean gut system. The bulky nature of high-fiber foods allows the intestinal contents to be accompanied by toxins which may be present during a bowel movement.

Healthy sources of high fiber include whole grains like stove-popped or air-popped popcorn (not microwave popcorn due to risks of dubious chemicals which may be present), vegetables, beans, legumes and fruits.

6. Consume the Required SupplementsSelf-Medication

The discussion about supplements may not have an end. However, they should be considered especially in this age where most people don’t eat nutrient-rich foods.

If the diets you consume are low in minerals, fiber, probiotics or vitamins and the possibility of meeting body requirements is low, then you should think of using a natural multivitamin, minerals, probiotics, or fiber source such as psyllium husks for supplementation.

7. Drink Enough Waterdrink-lots-of-water

Remember to take ample amount of water. Include firm squeezes of lemon juice to your first glass of water early in the morning as this serves the purpose of cleansing the liver.