You may have to consider undergoing some sort of weight loss surgery if you are suffering from emotional overeating. However, you need to know if it is necessary for you. What other surgical options are available? Some ideas to the common surgical options with their merits and demerits are described as follows:


Lap-band is a kind of restrictive but adjustable weight loss surgery. A silicon ring or doughnut is placed around the stomach top, while a small pouch is left above the ring. This is the first place that food goes, and the pouch gets filled up fast because of its small size. That is to say, such person feels full after eating less food. The food slowly moves from the pouch down to the stomach.

The surgeon may inject saline into the ring periodically so as to inflate it, and reduce the capacity of the pouch the more. The opposite of this can also be done.


  • It is adjustable—fluid can be injected into or removed from the ring
  • There is no interruption of the digestive process—the digestion of food remains normal
  • The surgical process is generally carried out laproscopically, which means it is minimally invasive.


  • There may be need for additional surgery in the case of perforation or twisting of the access port of the stomach
  • This particular surgical option brings about slow and gradual weight loss unlike other surgical options
  • You are required to keep visiting your doctor.                             

Gastric Bypass

This is also known as a malabsorptive method. In this kind of surgery, staple are used instead of a ring to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach. Furthermore, part of the small intestine is connected to the created pouch, so as to permanently create a smaller stomach. This surgery is called a bypass surgery because it enables food to bypass the remaining part of the stomach and the duodenum.


  • There is significant and permanent weight loss.
  • There are mild effects like heart-burns which can be resolved easily.


  • There is a compromise of absorption of nutrient and many supplements are needed to be taken by patients to prevent nutritional deficiency
  • Rapid emptying of stomach content or dumping syndrome is a one difficult side effect of this surgical technique.
  • Doctors find it so hard to view the stomach and intestine through endoscopy, this means that it is difficult detect cancer and any other problems.

Lap-band and gastric bypass are the only two types of weight loss surgery. The main thing here is that, weight loss surgery is effective for weight loss and excess caloric intake that is linked with emotional overeating, however, it doesn’t solve the emotional issues that happens to be the cause. If you’ve decided to go for a surgical option to treat emotional eating, it would be advisable to make it a part of your treatment plan which should include both emotional therapy and counseling.